Security monitoring

Maintenance of special security monitoring facilities, reconstruction of Qihewai power line in Zoucheng Oil Transportation Department, installation of combined-row box-type transformer in Shengshi Jiayuan Phase II, second-stage transformation of power grid dispatching and monitoring system, transformation of Linpan power grid automation and power metering system, 10KV power line distribution network in Chunfeng Oilfield Automation system construction project provides better quality of life. Shengshi Jiayuan Phase II Unit Box Type Variable Installation Project, Power Grid Dispatching and Monitoring System Reform Phase II Project, Linpan Power Grid Automation and Electricity Metering System Reform Project, and Chunfeng Oilfield 10KV Line Distribution Network Automation System Construction Project

Excellent case

  • Automation of 10KV Line Distribution Network in Chunfeng Oilfield

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  • Linpan Power Grid Automation and Electricity Metering System

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  • Reconstruction of Qihewai Electric Circuit in Zoucheng Oil Transport Department

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Shandong Wide Area Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. Its predecessor is the automation, communication and information business department of Shengli Oilfield Electric Power Management Corporation. The company's main business covers three major areas: smart power, smart oil fields and smart cities. It provides comprehensive services such as system design, technology and product development, project implementation, operation and maintenance. At present, the company has more than 400 employees, with a total office space of 36,000_.Wide Area Company has Information System Integration and Service Level II, Petrochemical Engineering Construction Contracting Level III, Electric Power Engineering Construction Contracting Level III......

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