Construction of 10KV Line Distribution Network Automation System in Chunfeng Oilfield

Release time:2019-08-26

Under the company, Anzhixin Automation Engineering Company has a team of experts including power, communications, oil production, gathering and transportation and a construction team with rich engineering and technical experience. It has comprehensive ability in product design and development, system integration and field construction.

Since its establishment, the company has completed a number of major engineering projects in Shengli, Xinjiang, Jiangsu and other oilfields with its strong technical and construction capabilities, including the distribution automation system of Shengli Oilfield, the daily clearance and settlement system of electric energy, the 127 demonstration project of the history of standardization of four modernizations, the Qingdong 5 demonstration project and the Shengli Power Grid centralized control station project. Intelligent production projects of No. 1 Oil Production Plant of Northwest Xinjiang Bureau and Xinchun Oil Production Plant, etc. Successful implementation of these projects not only shows the company's comprehensive strength in the field of oil field production intelligence, but also contributes to the improvement of oil field production efficiency and economic benefits.

The company will make full use of its technical and engineering experience, further strengthen the training and construction of talent team, with good service and excellent product technology, to provide high-quality services for oil production in the oilfield.