Investigation of the Leaders of the Opening Hospital of China to Victory Innovation Incubator

Release time:2019-04-28

On the morning of April 17, 2019, Yan Shengli, Minister of Park Department, Zhou Peng, Vice Minister of Incubation Department, Shenzhen Blue Horse Venture Management Company and relevant leaders of Jiangsu Einesen Science and Technology Company visited Shengli Incubator. Liu Mingjun, Standing Committee of Dongying District Committee, Deputy Governor of Dongying District Government, Li Zhihong, General Manager of Shandong Wide Area Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Sun Shuangchun, Executive Deputy General Manager, accompanied the tour.

After visiting the incubator, the delegation held a discussion. At the symposium, General Sun told the delegation in detail about the positioning, construction background, development planning, incubation service, high-quality resources and development process of the Victory Innovation Incubator. Combining with the development experience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lanma Company, he discussed the operation and construction direction of the incubator and the business of the oil field start-up company. The development prospects of the industry have been thoroughly and effectively exchanged.